This might be the most important question you need to ask yourself today!

If you have bought your HDB before 2013,

This is the Starting Point where your property become an Asset and not Liability.

Before I met Mr & Mrs Ong, they own a HDB at 3rd storey.

I showed them a strategy that they can actually increase their Household Income without any Extra Cash.

Today, Mr & Mrs Ong own 2 properties still have reserve fund kept aside for rainy days after this process.

Also, with the rental income from 2nd property coming in monthly, their household income automatically increases.

Dear HDB Owners,are you keen to find out if you are able to own a 2nd property just like Mr & Mrs Tan?

I see many possibilities for HDB owners to create assets for themselves. 

The more I helped families buy second (or third) properties with low downpayments, the more I helped trustees make savvy purchases...

I saw how possible it is for anyone but first you need a plan.

**Do not wait till you fully paid up your HDB and then decide to buy another one!**

I met a lot of owners, after spending 20 – 30 years of their lives working hard to pay up for one property. 

This is the most Common and most Regrettable Mistake one can make in life. Let me share with you how you can take advantage of your age today. 


Let me share with you how you can take advantage of your age now.

Here’s a short summary of what you can expect during our meet up

1. How to increase your Household Income as a HDB Owner

2. How restructuring your real estate portfolio is important now

3. How to not compromise your family lifestyle while planning a better future

4. How to see your Calculated Risk and Potential Upside

5. How you can move to a better environment without touching your saving

What Some Of My Clients Say...

2017年6月4号,我先生带我去看 Symphony Suites 的展览室,也是这天我才认识了 James。通过半年的接触,让我了解到 James 是一个稳重、热情、有责任感、非常专业的年轻人。中途因为事情有变故,James 给了我很大的帮助,他不厌其烦的为我介绍情况,跟发展商接洽,做了很多工作,不辞辛劳的为我办理相关的手续。总的来说 James 带领的团队待我客气有礼,服务周到,始终以朋友般的关心帮助我,并且为我提供了高质量的服务。在此,我表示诚挚的感谢!最后我祝愿James 在新的一年里创造更优秀的业绩!

James was able to rent "my odd-shape property" within a month and after 2 years sell that same property within 1 week. I am deeply impressed and could not be more pleased with his service. He will persevere in finding the best tenant and buyer for all the properties assigned to him. Such dedication and reliability is highly valued especially when the market is flat these days. Hence there is no doubt that I will continue to seek his services.

- Clara Angie

- Mei Juan & Simon

When I met James I just wanted to sell my property and buy a bigger one in the same project at the east. 

Upon going through the financial calculations and taking into consideration the current property market conditions, James helped me acquire a freehold property in Scotts road (Orchard area). It was within my means and I even gained spare cash.

Now I am enjoying my new home and looking forward to acquire another property for investment so that I can enjoy passive income. Thank you James for your invaluable advice!

I like to commend James for his professionalism & expertise. Because of his sound advice I was able to buy my 2nd property, which I never thought I could. James even continued to source for tenants for the condo that I rented out, which in turn finance my 2nd property mortgage loan. I felt that I have more options in my financial planning now and I strongly recommend James for his experience & dedication.

- Edmund

- Juliana Tse

A Little About Myself...

Hi, I am James Lin.

[CEA No.: R024347J]

Within a year of joining PropNex, I was awarded with the Champion for the PropNex Platinum Achiever award. I was also awarded PropNex #2 TOP Project Salesperson & PropNex Platinum Achiever.

It is more important that you know that your property – even a HDB flat – has value.

Arrange for a free discussion with me! Let me share with you more so that you can walk slower in life in your 50s-60s.


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